Snow-Certified Thrills:
Drive the Winter Dream Snow Drifting Experience

Special snow-tuned cars open the door for
everyone to enjoy the exhilaration of snow driving


Dive into the Ultimate Snow Driving Experience

Calling all snow enthusiasts! Unleash your love for driving in a winter wonderland with the 'Hokkaido Snow Driving Experience' presented by Exsite. Escape the limits of everyday roads and embrace the thrill of snow driving at the Rusutsu Resort.
Our experienced instructors ensure a gentle and expertly guided adventure, making it perfect for both beginners and advanced drivers. Experience the joy of snow driving on snow in a secure and controlled environment, a truly opportunity in the heart of Hokkaido. For the more adventurous, we will accelerate your skills to get you snow-drifting like never before!

Ride in Our Exclusive Fleet of
Exsite-Owned Snow Tuned Vehicles

Hokkaido Snow Driving Experience' is conducted using Exsite-owned snow tuned vehicles.
No concerns about your own vehicle breaking down or getting damaged


Experience times: 10min

Passenger Seat Experience Course

16,500JPY (tax included)

Ride in a special car driven by an instructor and experience drifting from the passenger seat. Enjoy a thrilling ride as you drift around an icy track like an amusement park ride. Participants are welcome to take pictures or videos during the ride.

Experience times: 60min

Drift Challenge Course

38,500JPY (tax included)

Dive deeper with the Drift Special Course.
The 150-minute course, which also includes detailed training and information on specialized driving techniques, aims to raise the level of all facets of driving and drifting on snow. (This course will be conducted using all vehicles)

Experience time: 150min

Special Course

80,500JPY (tax included)

The Drift Challenge goes deeper into the content of the Drift Challenge.
The 150-minute course, which also includes a lecture on driving techniques, aims to raise the level of driving on snow.
(This course will be conducted using all vehicles)

Advance booking required. Vehicle types are subject to change and availability.


Rusutsu Resort Golf 72 – Riverwood Course
143 Fujimidai, Kimobetsu-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido
For Rusutsu Resort hotel guests, please arrive at the Activity Desk on the 1st floor of the North Wing by the meeting time


Please contact us for inquiries or application through the following form or by phone call

TEL 090-1217-3200
Inquiry / Application
The number of participants
Start Time
Company / Organization (Optional)
Mobile Phone Number (Optional)
Booking is not finalized through the online form application.
Our dedicated team will contact you shortly.


Please review the FAQs before contacting us

What type of car do you have for rental?
All cars have AT transmission with 4WD
Can I apply as a group?
Yes. We can also offer the organization of events, including driving and training sessions.
Rear seats are available for additional passengers with an extra charge of 500 yen per person
I am not confident in driving
You are more than welcome! Our professional driver will provide careful instruction and support
What happens if the rental vehicle is damaged?
No repair charges, except in cases of willful and malicious intent
What clothes should I wear?
You can wear your regular driving attire; there's no need for any special clothing
How much does it cost to reserve the entire course?
Prices vary based on factors such as the number of instructors, hours etc. For accurate pricing details, please contact us directly.
The content or prices of the program are subject to change without prior notice.
Please confirm before your visit